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Commencement address excerpt:

″Graduates, in this age of instant communication, you have already beheld immense suffering, from terrorism, tsunami, and flood. It is well that you have faced these cataclysms fully for, as it has been wisely said, ‘It is no virtue to bear calamities if we do not feel them.’

″Moved by these events, you honor their memory. Such memories insist on significance, demand to be understood. As educated women and men, you know how to bring the experience of suffering into the light of analysis and of art, and thereby to illuminate meaning.

″This enables you to discern, rather than to cower or flinch. It enables you to act, to innovate, to inspire, to nurture.

″When we discern the significance of our experience and then act upon it, we are creating our own history.

″After all, history is the record not only of losses of great magnitude. It is the record of cause and effect, of the actions that a people take deliberately in response to such loss.

″The significance of these cataclysms – their ultimate meaning to us all – will become clear only through time, as revealed by the changes that we work to bring about in response.″

Instructional material

Teacher's guide to TV documentary (PDF)


Annual report (PDF)

Media relations: excerpt of quotations provided for Washington Post story on a church vigil:

″We are creatures of ritual. There’s such a thing as ritual space, sacred space: space that is sanctified by the practice of everyone coming together to focus their energy on immaterial ends.″

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Media relations – Excerpt of quotation provided for Washington Post story on a church vigil:

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