The following people and information are recommended for various kinds of clients and enterprises:

For Small Organizations, Nonprofits, and Government

On Web site usability

Award-winning federal guide to Web site writing and design

Free Web site host with templates, another one offering Flash, and a stock photo Web site

Public relations do-it-yourself primer and press release venue

Blogging basics

Web sites offering e-newsletter tools for enterprises small and large

Consultants recommended for non-profit information technology, fundraising, and arts marketing


"How2: Promote Your Work"

"What We Talk About When We Don't Talk"  (assigned: Morrison on language)

"P.R. 101 for Individuals and Small Organizations"  (This blog entry introduces a workshop to be offered again in 2012.)

On Communication

"One good word"

Death would have met any follower of the direction given in a 2004 issue of Trail, a British hiking magazine, for climbing Ben Nevis, a Scottish mountain. In a subsequent correction the editor acknowledged that, owing to the omission of a set of bearings from the instruction for descent in foul weather, the published route would lead climbers off the edge of a 4,409-foot peak. – Reported in The Sacramento Bee, 2004

"Yes or no, or maybe"

On writing

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